Chairperson & Education Person Rosters

The following is a list of those people who will be chairing the meetings over the following weeks.

If for any reason you cannot be present on your assigned date you must as soon as practicable advise a committee member.



 Helen Honor  17 March
 Helen Honor   24 March
 Chris Goodall  31 March
 Chris Goodall  7 April
 Craig Gough  21 April
 Craig Gough  5 May
 Clive Pickering  12 May
 Clive Pickering  19 May
 Rob Haynes  26 May
 Rob Haynes  2 April



 Education Person 


 Rob Haynes  17 March
 Rob Haynes  24 March
 Michael Carlone  31 March
  Michael Carlone  7 April
 Tia Taylor-Rennie  21 April
 Tia Taylor-Rennie  5 May
 Tony Moreton  12 May
 Tony Moreton  19 May
 Berner Duvenage   26 May
 Berner Duvenage   2 April


Current Committee Members are:

Chris Goodall
Darren Hobbs
Helen Honor
Tia Taylor-Rennie