At Meeting Minds we are looking for business owners who are interested in building strong working partnerships in order to be able to refer their clients to and for our members to be confident that we can refer business to them.

The positions in Meeting Minds are held by one business at a time. If you see a vacant position below and are interested in coming along please contact us. 

We welcome people to come along and find out if the group is a good fit for us both.

App Developer
Architectural Design
Bespoke Builders Adam Stanley
Bookkeeping Tia Taylor-Rennie
Building & Pest Inspection Berner Duvenage
Building & Renovation
Building Inspector
Business Support Katrina Thomson
Charitable Organisation
Clutter Clearing
Commercial Real Estate
Construction & Renovation
Copy Writer
Corporate Events
Counselling Services & Massage Therapy
CRM Software
Diabetes Research
Electrician Kane Smith
Equine Assisted Physiotherapy & Counselling
Event Coordinator
Finance Broking
Financial Planning Richard Petrusma
Fitness / Health
Garden Maintenance & Landscaping
Gift Baskets
Health Services
Home Entertainment Tony Moreton
HR Recruitment
Insurance Broker Wayne Holt
Interior Design Elise Gough
IT Support James McCormack
Leadership & Management Training
Legal Services Craig Gough
Legal Services - Criminal Law
Legal Services - Family Law
Life Coach
Marketing * Web * Graphic Design Adam Donkin
Mechanic Darren Hobbs
Media Consultant
Mental Health
Mentoring / Promotions
Migration Agent
Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Finance & Business Loans Rob Haynes
Motor Vehicle Services
Painting Services
Pest Control
Print Company
Property Development
Property Development / Investment
Property Maintenance
Psychological Services
Residential Construction Consultant
Residential Real Estate Glenn Williams
Security Tony Cook
Settlement & Conveyancing Chris Goodall
Software Development
Travel Consultant Melinda Leenman
Uniform & Workwear
Video Production
Wills Helen Honnor
Window Tinting