Meeting Minds has been established by Adam Donkin, for the purpose to allow businesses to come together with a view to providing each other referral business, friendship and an environment of support and learning.  In order to be a member of this networking group, the applicant and member agrees to accept and adhere to the following:

  1. You shall provide your services to the best of your ability, applying the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and honesty, to all those you deal with in Meeting Minds and to any person or business who is referred to you.
  2. Adam Donkin has final say as to who may be a member of Meeting Minds.
  3. Fees paid to Meeting Minds are non-refundable.
  4. Adam Donkin has final say as to whether a member of Meeting Minds can retain a position within Meeting Minds or adjust the professional position they hold within the networking group.
  5. You accept that Adam Donkin has final say in any matter arising from membership within this Networking group and that you are not entitled to engage legal action against Meeting Minds or Adam Donkin relating to any such matter.
  6. If you act in a manner that is likely to bring discredit to Meeting Minds or any of its members
  7. your membership may be withdrawn at the discretion of Adam Donkin, without recourse.
  8. You may not become or remain a member of Meeting Minds if you, or the business or company you own, part own or are a representative of is insolvent, likely to become insolvent, likely to become insolvent within 3 months of this application, or are declared bankrupt, or are in administration.
  9. You cannot become or remain a member or Meeting Minds if you have or are to be charged with act of dishonesty.
  10. You will act in good faith at all times and shall be bound by these policies whilst acting in conjunction with Meetings Minds meetings and business.
  11. You will report accurately on all business referred to you through Meeting Minds.
  12. You cannot become or remain a member of any BNI Networking group.
  13. Payment of membership is done so as an acceptance of the above Indemnity, Policy statements and Code of Ethics

 Whilst Members are not required to attend every week it is expected that they should, unless particular circumstances occur such as: business demands, illness of oneself or children or absent on holidays.

Meeting Minds takes into consideration the arrangement the restaurant/cafe has made in order to provide the venue at such an early time. There is an agreement that Meeting Minds will provide a regular number of members to each meeting, in order for it to be viable. Should the numbers drop too low, the meeting will not occur and the restaurant/cafe will be advised in sufficient time.

There is a requirement that notification of absence is made prior to 5pm the day before the meeting (unless one of the above is unforeseen).

Policies may be subject to change.