Meeting Minds was established in April 2012 by Adam Donkin, Director of Two Moons Consulting.

Having been a member of another networking group and in visiting many others, he found a consistent attitude displayed by many of the participants to be , "what's in it for me?". In some cases the cost of joining a particular networking group was very high.

Adam decided that he wanted to bring together business people who shared similar ethics and morals in business, and set about bringing a select group of business people from different business categories together to form the first Meeting Minds Networking Group.

The theme of Meeting Minds is "By growing others we grow ourselves", is a philosophy that has been applied in Adam's own business, Two Moons Consulting. The growth of Two Moons Consulting over the past 8 years has been built almost entirely through network and business referrals. In helping others grow, those helped have in turn responded by consistently recommending Two Moons Consulting to other people and companies.

Incorporating this same philosophy into Meeting Minds has resulted in a very close group of business people who are not only working hard to grow their own businesses, but have helped their colleagues within the group grow theirs.

Being in business can be lonely for many. Only a business owner can know what another may experience. The group fosters a spirit of support and encouragement throughout. The result was  so successful that a second group was established in 2014 Meeting Minds South) and a third group was started in late 2016 (meeting Minds East).

Meetings are held as breakfast meetings commencing at 7am and concluding at 8:30am. The general feeling is that by holding meetings first thing in the morning, you tend to be more alert and ready for the day. As the meeting concludes before the workday commences the result is less interruption to valuable business time.

Many people struggle to make meetings during their busy schedules, and by the end of the day most just want to get home.

If you wish to join one of the groups, please visit the Northern Chapter and Perth Chapter pages to see if your business category is available, or just call Adam on 0414 772 785 for more information.


Our Vision:

To inspire and empower people to grow their businesses through networking.

Our Mission:

To create a network of trusted businesses where members can refer business to each other in the knowledge their reputation will remain in tact and that all involved will benefit.